Sharing to social networks

Sharing Footprints

When posting or editing a footprint, you can share your footprints to Facebook or Twitter. In order to do so, turn the option Share on Facebook or Share on Twitter at the bottom of the dialog to On.

To be able to share footprints as described above, you need to connect your account to Facebook or Twitter.

Sharing your profile

If you want want to share your profile, trips or footprints to people or social networks other than Facebook or Twitter:

  1. Visit the page or footprint you want to share.
  2. Tap Share next to your profile name or in case of a footprint, in the menu of the according footprint.
  3. Share the link displayed with your friends, family or networks.

Please beware, that privacy may affect the visibility of what you are sharing. For further details, please see Getting started with privacy.

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