How to post a “footprint”

Posts on FindPenguins are called “Footprints”, with your stories, favorite photos or videos and the location. Footprint posts represent an experience at a certain place. Post footprints on your travels for sights, beaches, national parks, cities, accommodation, tours, events or just any experience.

  1. Tap the button New footprint, in our apps the “+” in the middle of the bottom menu bar.
  2. Every footprint requires a location, so choose a location for your footprint.
    Our apps will auto-detect your location. If you manually want to select a location, tap the map and there will be an additional menu (in our apps only, on our website, simply drag the map to the correct location).
  3. Enter a name for your footprint: You can choose any name you want.
  4. Select a date. To add footprints in the past (yesterday or last year), manually choose the date. Otherwise, simply leave the option set to “Now”.
  5. Select a trip. Footprints on FindPenguins are assigned to trips.
  6. You can now write a story and add photos, videos and even GPX files.
  7. Also have a look at the additional options.
  8. Finally upload your footprint.

TIP If you are using the FindPenguins app, you can save a footprint OFFLINE (as a draft) and upload or edit it later.

Footprints are fully editable at any time.

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