How to create a travel blog

FindPenguins reinvented travel blogging: Creating a travel blog on FindPenguins is truly simple:

  1. Sign Up on FindPenguins and you are practically ready!
  2. Create a first trip, name it as you like (“Roadtrip Portugal”, “Backpacking in Asia”, …).
  3. Start remembering your travels by posting footprints.

This is it! You can now start sharing your newly created travel blog.


Here are some more basics, that will help you understand FindPenguins better:

  • On FindPenguins posts are called “Footprints”, with your stories, favorite photos or videos and the location. Footprints are assigned to trips – trips that represent your life’s journeys!
  • With FindPenguins you will only need one account for all your life’s travels.
  • We made it easy to also add your past trips. Simply select a past date when posting your footprints.
  • FindPenguins summarises all your trips on your personal travel profile, coming with cool statistics (all countries you visited or how many times you travelled around the world, just to name a few).

Of course there is much more to discover! Sign up now, it’s all free.

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