How to post a “footprint”

Posts on FindPenguins are called “Footprints”, with your stories, favorite photos or videos and the location. Footprint posts represent an experience at a certain place. Post footprints on your travels for sights, beaches, national parks, cities, accommodation, tours, events or just any experience.

  1. Tap the button New footprint.
  2. Select a trip for your footprint. Footprints on FindPenguins are assigned to trips.
  3. Every footprint requires a location, so choose a location for your footprint.
    Our apps will auto-detect your location, but you can also manually select any other location.
  4. Enter a name for your footprint: You can choose any name you want.
  5. You can now write a story and add favorite photos and videos.
  6. To add footprints in the past (yesterday or last year) select a date. If you do not adjust the date, it will be set to “Now”.
  7. Select a privacy option (learn more).
  8. Select a placemark option (learn more).
  9. Finally upload your footprint, done!
    If you are using the FindPenguins app, you can also tap Save as draft to locally save your footprint and upload or edit it later.

Footprints are fully editable at any time.

TIP With our apps internet connection is NOT required to set footprints.

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