Getting started with privacy

Every trip on FindPenguins holds an individual privacy setting. Depending on this privacy setting, people can or cannot see the “Footprint” posts inside a trip.

When creating a trip, you can choose out of three possible privacy options:

  • Public
    Trips marked with the privacy option ”Public” will be visible to any visitor of your FindPenguins profile. This also includes non-members of FindPenguins.
  • Followers only
    Trips with the privacy setting “Followers only” can only be seen by the people following you.

    To become a follower, it is essential to sign up on FindPenguins and to tap the “Follow” button on your profile. Creating an account is necessary, so we can safely identify your followers.

  • Private
    Private trips are private and can only be seen by yourself and fellow travelers of a trip, no exception.

In addition to the privacy of a trip, you can individually mark footprints as private. Footprints marked private can only be seen by yourself and fellow travelers, independent of the privacy setting of a trip.

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