Getting started with privacy

This article will help you understand, how FindPenguins deals with privacy. It will teach you how to choose the right setting for your specific project and travel blog:

When setting or editing a footprint, you can choose out of three possible privacy options:

  • public
  • followers only
  • private

Public footprints work like posts on common travel blogs (e.g. any wordpress blog). Public footprints will be visible to any visitor of your FindPenguins profile. To be able to find your profile on FindPenguins, of course people still need to know your name or manual URL.

Sharing public footprints is easy, simply provide the link to your profile or trip.

Public footprints are also listed in our internal search.


Footprints with a privacy setting of followers only can only be seen by the people following you. To all other users, members of FindPenguins or not, these footprints are hidden.

You have to manually accept all your followers (default setting).

In order to safely identify your followers, it is essential for them to log in.


Private footprints are private and can only be seen by yourself, no exception.

Also trips with only private footprints are not listed to anybody anywhere, except you.


Please also learn about archived trips.

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